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Philadelphia Union dominate but still happen to lose to San Jose 2-1



The Union played the way we want them to play. They created many, many opportunties yet only managed to finish one. A tug on Mwanga’s breakaway, a handball that went uncalled in the box and this could have been a different result. Alas this is why you have to finish the game.

Philadelphia gave up both goals to San Jose in stoppage time; one at the end of the first half and the other past 90 minutes.  Other than that San Jose was the walking dead.
Again, its our defense and the enormity of the mistakes.  We can't have all of our men up the field and give up 2 defensive fast breaks that both led to goals.  I thought the defense played pretty well outside of these lapses but at the end of the day it doesn't matter.

This is why the call soccer a cruel game.  There is no deserving to win.  There is just a ball and how many times it hits the back of the net.

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