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Hi folks.

Today the Brotherly Game is hosting a live chat with other members of the Philadelphia soccer media. For some of you this will be a normal day of reading and commenting on our site. For others this will be your first to to the Brotherly Game. Thank you for helping to make our chat today successful, in advance. 

To join this site to commentate on articles written by our staff and by fan related content, there are a couple of steps to follow.

Click on “Start Posting on Brotherly Game”.


Then choose your method of sign up. Either make your own SB Nation screen name or choose one of the other three methods (Yahoo!, Facebook, OpenID).

After you choose your method and set up the account, come back here (www.brotherlygame) to the Brotherly Game and you’ll be able to post fan posts, fan shots or comment on any article, fan shot or fan post on the site.

Thanks for your support.

-The Brotherly Game staff

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