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Support “The Fort” In The River End



By now, I am sure we are all aware of the incident this past weekend involving the supporters groups of the New England Revolution and their Front Office. If not, read about it on the Brotherly Game here

It has been a hectic 24 hours of planning on what we can do to try to help our brothers and sisters in The Fort. We have had clashes with our own FO in the past, and although I know our FO is not the Kraft family, I feel that supporters need to stand up together in support of The Fort before FOs league wide decide that they can take similar action. Any FO going after any supporters group that did not perpetuate violence is not acceptable. 

I know that some of you are uncomfortable with the idea of backing another MLS supporters group. I know that we have had run ins with some Revs supporters (2011 MLS Superdraft). This, to me is the classic case of all supporters groups needing to say to all FOs, 'we are allowed to beat on each other, but none of you are allowed to beat on any of us.'

In all the craziness, members of the Bearfight Brigade and the Sons of Ben have stepped up. Here is what we have going on for tonight. 

Kelly Delaney has acted and is currently making 2000 #DTF (Defend the Fort) cards (well, paper actually, but whatever). Kevin Leonowich, maker of fine two-poles, has made a 'Defend The River, Defend The Fort' two-pole. I have spoke with some folks with the Midnight Riders who are running the Support The Fort FB site. Here is how we are going to coordinate these elements:

1. When the game clock reads 12:00, hold your #DTF card up/ tifo/two-pole up. We are going to fall into complete silence for 1 minute, as per the request of the Midnight Riders. 

2. 'Support the Fort chant. Every goal kick, every time, every game.' We can start this for the entire league tonight. Every goal kick, every time, all game, all weekend we will chant, 'Support The Fort'. 

3. If the STF chant turns into YSA chants, then the capos will stop leading and it will all fall apart.

Sons of Ben, Illegitimates, Tamany Saints, Bridge Crew, Bearfight Brigade, we have a chance to set the tone for the entire league this weekend. We have a chance to be the first to stand up, en masse, and let The Fort, MLS, and all of the FOs across the league know that we are going to stand together with all other supporters groups in MLS. We have a chance to set the tone for the rest of the weekend. 

What I need from you. I need volunteers. I need help tonight with handing out 2000 cards and spreading the word to the entire River End and anywhere we can in the stadium. I need you guys and girls that are so proud, week in and week out, to support the Union to get everyone on board. I need this tweeted, shared on FB, talked about at the tailgate, email, phone called, texts, send f*cking smoke signals, and spread to other supporters groups in MLS. I need this talked about in The River End prematch. I need us to be one group, with a common goal on this one, not just one group in Philadelphia, but one group across MLS. 

Please contact me asap via facebook, twitter, phone, whatever, if you can help tonight. Spread the word, Support The Fort. 

Tonight, we will Support the Fort and make The River End DTF! 

PS. There is another, surprise 2 pole that will make an appearance tonight, just for fun.  

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