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We’re One Year Old Now



A year ago today KyleShank officially opened the doors to the Brotherly Game on SB Nation.

The months that followed have had their ups-and-downs. In adding current Brotherly Game editor Ben Feldman, Shank provided the blog with its knowledgeable writer on business/finances and gave the blog one of its early "high" notes. 

Shank then guided the blog through the majority of the team's first season, attempting to create something special. "I wanted the Union to have a site on a nice system like SBN before their first game and first season.  I knew it would be slow initially but its looking like season two will really be great."

As of now, Shank is correct. Season two has already begun as a roaring success. In under the first week of the season, three weeks into March, the Brotherly Game has already eclipsed almost every statistical record it has. When the Brotherly Game opened its doors in March of 2010, it recorded an average of 5546 visits and 9576 page views per month over the next 9 months –  49914 visits and 86912 page views total.

Today the site stands a week from completing the month of March and has totaled 21498 visits and 34375 page. The growth of this site has been outstanding.

A huge thanks to all of our loyal readers and commentators. Because of all of you we've been able to expand our reach to farther than we could have ever imagined. Your continued support drives us to do the hard work that we set ourselves out to do every day.

Here's to another year and to everyone who has supported us!

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