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ECNL All-Conference teams announced



Eighty-eight players from the area were named to ECNL all-conference teams for boys and girls from last season.

Olivia Rubinich, of Penn Fusion, was the lone player to be recognized as a conference player of the year in the U15 age division of the North Atlantic conference. Multiple players from Penn Fusion, FC Delco, FC Bucks, Lehigh Valley United, Sporting Delaware and PDA South were recognized.

U15 Girls

Player of the Year: Olivia Rubinich, Penn Fusion

First Team

Kate Kemmerley, Penn Fusion
Ava Pascarella, Penn Fusion
Elayna Kocher, Penn Fusion
Olivia Rubinich, Penn Fusion
Sofia Goetter, FC Delco
Kinsley Smith, FC Bucks

Second Team
Taylor Roumy, FC Bucks
Daniela Vogel, Penn Fusion
Tesia Mikuta, FC Delco

U16 Girls

First Team
Isabella Boyce, Penn Fusion
Maya Bright, FC Delco
Lilly Phillips, Penn Fusion
Bailey Coston, PDA South
Keira Kemmerley, Penn Fusion

Second Team
Kaitlyn Edwards, FC Delco
Grace Sullivan, FC Bucks
Lauren Swafford, PDA South
Sophia Hall, Penn Fusion

U17 Girls

First Team
Casey Forman, FC Delco
Ava McCloskey, Penn Fusion
Gabby Miller, PDA South
Annabella Conti, FC Bucks
Angelina Deluhery, Penn Fusion
Natalie Magnotta, Penn Fusion
Brooke Vogel, Penn Fusion

Second Team
Anna Croyle, FC Bucks
Selah Koleth, Penn Fusion
Ariel Katz, FC Delco
Allie Serlenga, PDA South

U18/19 Girls

First Team
Olivia Grenda, FC Bucks
Emma Tankunas, Penn Fusion
Elliot Forney, FC Bucks
Kaelyn Wolfe, Penn Fusion

Second Team
Lauren Blanch, FC Bucks
Ava Palladino, PDA South
Ava Rightmire, FC Delco
Madison Shumate, Penn Fusion

U15 Boys

First Team
Farley Amaral, FC Delco
Rowan McDonald, Lehigh Valley United
Gabriel Arbuet, Penn Fusion
Anthony Bautista, Lehigh Valley United
Anthony Huertero, Sporting Delaware
Nicholas Bustos, Lehigh Valley United
Matty Kopp, Sporting Delaware
Roman Delallo, Lehigh Valley United

Second Team
Michael McGonagle, FC Bucks
Jake Cooke, Lehigh Valley United
Miles Jones, Penn Fusion
Juan Juarez, Sporting Delaware
Jacob Marks, FC Delco

U16 Boys

First Team
Ryan Miller, FC Delco
Julius Rigo, Penn Fusion
Ethan Barr, FC Bucks
James Mulholland, FC Bucks
Ryan Noel, FC Bucks
Jake Van Leirop, Lehigh Valley United
Brian O’Neill, FC Delco
Jax Pinkston, Penn Fusion
Jack Mauro, Lehigh Valley United

Second Team
Mason Csapo, Sporting Delaware
Alexander Dobrocky, FC Delco
Paul Hartman, Lehigh Valley United
Ryan Clymer, FC Bucks
Vincent Uglow, Penn Fusion

U17 Boys

First Team
Gavin Newcombe, Sporting Delaware
Luke Blenis, FC Bucks
Leo Salvuci, Penn Fusion
James Mayo, FC Delco
Abou Cherif, FC Delco
Gavin Faracchio, Sporting Delaware
Alex Fedor, FC Delco
Charlie Undorf, Penn Fusion

Second Team
Michael Deluhery, Lehigh Valley United
Matt Johnson, FC Bucks
Zach Kilpatrick, Penn Fusion
Josh Lee, FC Delco
Aiden Gonzalez, Sporting Delaware

U18/19 Boys

First Team
Thomas Hastings, Sporting Delaware
Drew Paxson, FC Bucks
Tanner Brentlinger, Penn Fusion
Jake Ross, Penn Fusion
Trey Sheeler, Lehigh Valley United
Nathan Stewart, Sporting Delaware
Gavin Impiana, Penn Fusion

Second Team
Joseph Maxwell, Penn Fusion
Braden Delgado, FC Delco
Maksym Komperda, Lehigh Valley United
Jackson Vajda, FC Bucks
Miles Hood, Sporting Delaware

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