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Philly Union vs. Seattle Sounders Game Postponed



Photo by Carl Gulbish

The weather forecast for Saturday’s MLS Matchday 4 clash between Philadelphia Union and Seattle Sounders was far from promising. Yet, fans making their way to Chester’s waterfront are well aware that Subaru Park’s field often remains playable, rain or shine. Rain delays, especially those without lightning, are a rarity here. It is so rare, we could not think of the last time a game was outright delayed without lighting happening in the area. Yet, as the game unfolded, it was a reminder that exceptions can always occur.

Before kickoff, everything was operating as it normally would. The players came out to warmup, the Union had their pregame festivities. These festivities including the banging of the big drum. a ritual that on this occasion was performed by three distinguished members of the Union’s supporter group, the Sons of Ben. Founding president Bryan James, alongside inaugural board members Corey Furlan and Tommy Roletter, had the honor of initiating the celebrations. It was nice of the club to allow them to bang the drum because the first game the Union ever played was against Seattle in 2010. Following these ceremonies, the teams made their way onto the pitch, aligning themselves for the start of the game, ready to face whatever the night had in store.

As soon as the game kicked off it seemed the rain decided to also intensify. The boys in blue had an attack in the 4′ where Jose Martinez was able to get a shot off from outside the box on the left side. On the opposite side, in the 5′ Seattle was able to get a great first touch inside the 18 yard box. However, the ball just stopped as it hit a puddle of water. Seconds after that happened referee Erick Lezama Pavon, after observing the unplayable field conditions, convened with both teams’ captains and coaching staff. Despite players’ attempts to demonstrate playability, the ball’s lack of movement across the waterlogged pitch told a different story.

After those 10 minutes, it was announced that the teams were heading to the locker room and that they would re-evaluate what they will do after a 30 minute delay. With no signs of the waterlogged pitch recovering, even after the squeegee crew attempted to remove the water from the field,  the decision was ultimately made to postpone the match.


No details have been announced yet on when the game will be made up.

Sean Sullivan is an Associate Editor for Philadelphia Soccer Now/Brotherly Game, where he has spent the past few years covering game day events for the Philadelphia Union. In his day job, he oversees creative and studio production for a corporate event streaming company based in the Philadelphia region.

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