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A List Of #LeTouxFacts: Has A Twitter Trend Begun?



Tonight at 11:09 pm Eastern Standard Time I decided that enough was enough. #McBrideFacts have been prevalent on Twitter and I was hoping to have a Union-centric themed trend going on. I tweeted the following:

He once beat the Flash in a foot race and still had enough energy to outrun Superman flying. #LeTouxFacts

According to Twitter there have been 47 tweets involving #LeTouxFacts in the last hour but Twitter's search doesn't go back to the beginning of the trend.  After the jump check out some of the best of the #LeTouxFacts…

Have a favorite of your own?  Tweet me at @scotkess or retweet it.  Another way would be to tweet your own, just add #LeTouxFacts to the end of any facts about Le Toux.

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