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Union-Dynamo Preview: Sitting Down With Dynamo Theory And SBN Houston Part 1



After having a tea party with the mysterious UZ of Burgundy Wave, it seems that the debate styled writer-to-writer conversations are catching on with the SBNation MLS community.  UZ and Martin Shatzer, of Black And Red United, participated in another chat styled debate for the upcoming Colorado Rapids – DC United game.  Shatzer went so far as to say that UZ and I "pioneered" this possible staple of the future of previews for SBNation MLS blogs.  

Because of the success of the first ever chat styled debate, Ginge, of Dynamo Theory, and Jordan Wise, of SBN Houston, sat down with The Brotherly Game for our second ever chat styled Debate.  Part 1 can be found after the jump and Part 2 can be found at Dynamo Theory.  A "Three-for-Three" question and answer preview can be found at SBN Philly and SBN Houston.

Jordan: Sebastian Le Toux, easily the Union’s best player has been great to watch. Meanwhile, the Dynamo backline has been porous to say the least lately and really, all year. What do you think Le Toux will do against Houston’s defense?

Ginge: Knife through butter?

Oh wait; I’m the Dynamo blogger I should stand up for our back line

Scott K.: I must apologize, my parents just called.

Jordan: Zach, even though Serioux is a walking red card, he has been solid the last few games. Do you think he starts over Eddie?

No worries Scott. None of us have done this before

Scott K.: Well, technically I did it for Wednesday’s Union-Rapids game

But to answer your question, Le Toux is incredibly effective at pouncing upon defenses, porous or not.

A porous back four will allow him to be very powerful off the ball. While he is touted for his on the ball movement, Le Toux also has been causing damage with his off the ball runs.

Ginge: I prefer Serioux at this point…seriouxly. E-Rob has been problematic at best all season, at least Adrian has been solid the past couple games

Jordan: He truly is a player I wish I was in Dynamo orange right now. Wanna sell him to us?

Ginge: I’ve got .75 cents, which should be an offer the Union can’t refuse

Scott K.: I think Le Toux ends up in the Premier League by 30. His work rate and ethic leads me to believe that he will only get better as time goes along with the Union.

Jordan: Agreed, re: Adrian. If he can either be happy with his current contract or take one for less money than I think the Dynamo should keep him for another year.

Scott K.: He lacks great feed from his central midfielders, which should improve via the draft or the transfer window after this season.

Ginge: That was scares me about the Union

If they add midfield support for Le Toux, look out

Jordan: When the Union announced their lineup early this year everyone was concerned by the youth in the squad, but they have done well all things considered. New midfield support would be scary

Ginge: If not for a couple red cards, they’d be in the playoff hunt

Scott K.: The Union have a couple of promising young midfielders but no central midfielders that are prepared to influence a game

Ginge: Proving Nowak > Bob Bradley, but that’s another topic

No central midfielders that can influence a game…sound familiar Jordan?

Scott K.: You have the 36 year old Coudet playing the role of midfield savoir (centrally).

Jordan: Jesus yes. Sounds like an issue for most of MLS too, though

Jordan: Scott, do you think Mwanga beats Najar for Rookie of the Year?

Scott K.: I voted for Najar over Mwanga for the SBN Rookie of the Year.

Ginge: I voted for Najar as well

Scott K.: My main reason is because Mwanga has tailed off, slightly because of injury and slightly because he hasn’t made the most of his time otherwise.

But I think in the future that Mwanga will have a far better career, both at club and international level.

Jordan: As did I. I think he single-handedly has made DC better

It’s a shame that he will be in Europe in a year or two

Ginge: DC needed Najar to play a role, Union didn’t need Mwanga to be a pivotal player quite as much, and at least it seemed like that

Jordan: Very good point

Ginge: That said, I don’t know if Mwanga could have done what Najar has done if they were in the same position

Scott K.: But I think that Najar does not help the Union as much as Mwanga

They are in the perfect situations for their own needs

Ginge: Yeah, definitely

Scott K.: RE: Europe for Mwanga – I don’t know about two years. I think when he turns 22 or 23 that Europe will be knocking.

Ginge: I think it’ll be sooner, but it really depends on how quick he develops

If he has a huge season next year, teams will come sniffing around

Jordan: Plus from what I remember hearing, he had to be convinced to go to MLS versus England

Scott K.: That’s really just a rumor

Ginge: If I were the Union, I’d be looking forward to potentially facing the Dynamo’s 22-year old third goalkeeper

Scott K.: If there were English teams wanting him then he would have gone. The money alone is better.

If I were the Dynamo I’d be plain happy to be playing against any goalkeeper the Union have at this point

Jordan: Yeah, what a story. Our backup keeper gets hurt two weeks ago and our old man keeper gets a concussion and sprained finger. Tyler Deric with his first MLS start? Guess the time is never right

Scott K.: Knighton has been a slight upgrade but is not a number one starter.

Jordan: Seitz certainly hasn’t had a great season

Ginge: I think Knighton has done more with his opportunity than Seitz did, but do either inspire faith for the Union going in to next season?

Jordan: Zach, do you think Mike has lost his spot?

Scott K.: Neither inspire. Neither are real number one starters at this point in their careers.

Jordan: No, I have a feeling Onstad will be free come November…

Ginge: You can have Pat

Scott K.: Some of it has to do with the defensive back four but at what point do you start to ask about the ability of the goalkeeper.

I do not think that either Knighton or Seitz really make saves that you don’t expect. They are nothing more than average MLS goalkeepers that both have confidence issues at key moments of match ups.

Jordan: That’s funny because I feel like we have been dealing with that too.

Onstad hasn’t looked great this season and has made a lot of little mistakes. Sometimes I thought that was his backline lacking, but it seems like it is also him losing a step too

Scott K.: How old is Onstad now?

Ginge: 137. Or 42.

Scott K.: Jamie Moyer isn’t even 137

Ginge: Which is the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything…

Jaime Moyer is 47, Onstad is 42

Scott K.: Zach, you made me think that I spelled “Jamie” wrong. I felt like a bad fan. Then I googled it to make sure.

Ginge: I must have Jaime Moreno on the brain

Scott K.: Quite possible. Another old athlete.

Ginge: that has nothing to do with this game, not that it matters, but it’s good to point out

But that’s my fault

Scott K.: I have a question about a specific player on the Dynamo, one that may surprise you considering someone from outside of Houston may not know of him.

Jordan: the Dynamo have 40 yellow cards and 6 red cards, while Philly has 36 yellow and 5 red cards. Is either team dirty?

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