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Union Fan’s Entry One Of 35 Winners In Nike’s #WeAreIndivisible Contest



If the United States Men’s National Team (USMNT) wins against Mexico tomorrow night, one Philadelphia Union fan will have an added bonus to seeing the USA defeat its most hated rival.

Allie Sullivan entered into Nike's #WeAreIndivisible Twitter Contest, which began on June 3, by submitting multiple tweets through the #WeAreIndivisible hashtag. 

"To be honest, I sent in more than one entry, and I was never notified which one of my submissions was the winner," Sullivan told the Brotherly Game. "Though, I do believe it was my first entry, "All goals, all dreams, all legends, all passions, all patriotic, all class. One love. One nation. One team. #WeAreIndivisible"."

I had [others]: “respect all, fear none” which I had also entered into Nike’s #redallover contest a while back. Also “310 million, represented by 11″,” Sullivan said. “And “The few, the proud, the USMNT”. That last one’s inspiration came from the marine’s motto, but I thought it was fitting.”

The self-declared USMNT, Real Madrid and Union fanatic is no stranger to supporting the USMNT, especially online. Sullivan runs her own USMNT themed Tumblr and lists her name as "USMNT" on Twitter, along with using the handle of @swagudelo on the social messaging site.

"This is pretty much as close as it gets to being up close and personal with the boys of my nation and as a die hard USMNT [supporter] I'm a little dumbfounded," said Sullivan. "And by a little I mean a lot. Truly exciting."

Nike tweeted the names of the winning entries, of whom @BrandonARose was declared the Grand Prize finalist for his submission of "When our 11 stand on the field, millions stand behind them." In the pot of 34 other winning entries is Sullivan, who automatically will receive a We Are Indivisible shirt with all the winning entries on it or could be the Second Place winner, which would get her a USMNT "Red All Over" Kit.

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