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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 2 – Red Bulls 3

The last road game.



So, a fun game to watch, but a lousy game to lose. Losing on the road to one of the best teams in MLS is not terribly surprising, but to be so close to getting a point is rather upsetting. The Philadelphia Union return to finish out their season with two home games. The Union could use some home-cooking after having slipped to 6th place in the East. Their schedule has been the toughest in the league to end the season. Let’s hope they can muster some points against Orlando and a number-1-seed-eyeing Red Bulls. I went with a tricky meter for this one. Let’s see if it worked…

Exciting, dramatic
From Philly- erratic
But Red Bulls ecstatic
As with their fanatics
But not fans from Philly
Who braved weather chilly
And shouted so shrilly
And cheered themselves silly
The first goal from Fabby
Was shot none-too-shabby
And Robles got crabby
Could not make the grabby
Then Blake weathered Grella
He used his patella,
A diving save- stella!
To stop this young fella
Then Sacha, he scored
A true timely reward
With New York on board
The home team’s fans were floored
Another home goal
Put the U in a hole
So they fought for control
But New York’s on a roll
Not to be denied
Was Chris P as he flied
It was now two aside
Yes, both teams now were tied
But at the game’s climax
A flying man named Dax
Found defensive line cracks
And put us on our backs
It all had gone wrong
But it’s not the swan-song
For the season is long
They can still finish strong

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