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The Brotherly Game And Burgundy Wave Have A Tea Party: Part 2



Now, this is the story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became a Tea partier with Uz of Burgundy Wave (air)…

To read Part 1 of the Tea Party, please click the linked text here.

After the jump don't spill your tea…

UZ 10:54 pm

Just looked it up, he’s 19. Unfortunately, Colorado’s USMNT members are the too old to play for the national team Pablo Mastroeni. And Conor Casey who I’m still miffed about because he didn’t make the WC squad after completely crushing the Confederations Cup. His two goals against Honduras also basically got the US INTO the World Cup. But I’m biased. And I hate Robbie Findley, so I’m extra biased.

Scott K. 10:57 pm

Edson Buddle barely made the team and Ricardo Clark made the team. Just sayin’

UZ 10:58 pm

Yeah, I just shook it off as horrible coaching and accepted that the US isn’t going to have a shot at a World Cup until about 2018. Unless Bob Bradley gets hit by a bus or something.

Scott K. 10:58 pm

Here’s a crazy thing:

Piotr Nowak is an amazing coach. Nowak isn’t considered for a job like the US team because of his “attitude”/”controlling nature.” Instead we get Bradley, who barely has anything to show for his career and makes elementary mistakes. He is considered for EPL posts, though, even though he has no real history of anything for anything.

UZ 11:00 pm

I’ve got a conspiracy theory that Fulham and Aston Villa just said they were considering Bradley just so the meatheads running US Soccer would think he had credentials and keep him on so that the US would never win. And on the Nowak point, I heard that the only reason Jurgen Klinsmann did not wind up with the team was because he had demanded full control over the squad and decision making, and they didn’t want to give it to him. This makes sense considering what a pansy Bob Bradley is.

Scott K. 11:02 pm

That was qualified as “Klinsmann did not state what kind of control he wanted” recently.

UZ 11:02 pm

Wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted full control of everything. And I’d have given it to him; look at what the guy has done elsewhere when he has control of everything.

Scott K. 11:03 pm

He wants to fix the American system of soccer. The USSF is afraid of such things.

UZ 11:04 pm

They’re afraid people might stop watching the NFL or something if the US wins the world cup. Or at least makes it past the round of 16.

Scott K. 11:05 pm

Right. Except that the NFL isn’t going to lose viewership.

UZ 11:05 pm

It is when they have a lockout next season.

Scott K. 11:06 pm

The MLS needs to realize that it is always going to be the 5th wheel unless it finds some way to interest more of the population. MLS is the third highest, on average, attended league in the USA

UZ 11:06 pm

Or they can hope that everyone in the country will realize at the same time that basketball is a horrible sport and all go to footy instead. It could happen

Scott K. 11:07 pm

It’s not that basketball is a horrible sport; it is that the current day NBA is the worst product that money can buy.

UZ 11:07 pm

That doesn’t help matters any. Anyway, that was a hell of a tangent. Throw down a prediction for the game on Wednesday

Scott K. 11:07 pm

Had to do with both of our teams in a way. I’m looking at a 1-1 draw. Le Toux will score and Danny Califf will somehow manage to return to his poor form, giving up the ball weakly somewhere in the 18.

UZ 11:09 pm

I’m going to have to assume that the Rapids will win 3-1 with their recent home form continuing, I also hear that Cummings may come back healthy which will help. I say Kandji gets his first Rapids goal, Cummings scores two and Le Toux gets one as well. I think it is lingering optimism because the 29th is my birthday so they better freakin’ win

Scott K. 11:11 pm

Happy early birthday but for the sake of the slim playoff hopes of the Union I hope that it’s a sad birthday.

UZ 11:11 pm

Ha. Well for the slightly less slim hopes of the Rapids, they have to get these three points. After that and their game against DC, they have to play Dallas, LA and RSL again, two of those on the road. So a loss to Philly pretty much screws ’em.

Scott K. 11:12 pm

DC United is crapping itself right now, though.

UZ 11:12 pm

That one I’m not worried about at all!

Basically the Rapids have to get to 43 points and wins against Philly and DC at home will do it, so my hopes rest on that. I’ll personally just root for Philly to win every single game for the rest of the season AFTER losing to Colorado, partially because it’d be funny to watch.

Scott K. 11:14 pm

Someone on my twitter following list said that the MLS should just crown the Union champs if they can somehow pull off winning all the games left.

UZ 11:14 pm

I’d be OK with this, if only because it would mean RSL, New York or LA didn’t win it.

Scott K. 11:16 pm

If the Union win out they basically make the playoff. So you must be defeated for the sake of us.

UZ 11:16 pm

Well, you can be the ones to knock us out of the playoffs next season instead of RSL. Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling for one conversation.

Scott K. 11:17 pm

This is quality, original rambling.

UZ 11:17 pm

Indeed. I’m sure my 2 and a half readers will love it

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