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Eight Gifts From Under My Hanukkah Bush: Happy Holidays Everyone



Full of my traditional Chinese dinner on Christmas, here are the eight gifts I found under my… Hanukkah bush (belated happy Hanukkah to my fellow Jews and a merry Christmas to everyone celebrating it tonight). The following list is eight gifts that I wish were given to me for the upcoming MLS season. 

  1. A left back in the MLS SuperDraft: Though Jordan Harvey played more minutes and started more games than any other Philadelphia Union player during the Union’s inaugural season, he wasn’t a shut down left back. Someone with more speed and athleticism would give the Union plenty of help in providing cover behind runs on the left side of the pitch.
  2. Another striker to bolster the squad: Aka, Corey Hertzog. That is all.
  3. A more open front office: It’s pretty secretive and closed. A bit of transparency and openness wouldn’t hurt in 2011.
  4. Clarification on off-season moves: Like everyone, other than the Union front office, I’m completely confused by what the Union chose to do during this off-season. Any clarification on what occurred leading up to or during the Expansion Draft or the choice to choose no one during the Re-Entry draft would be fantastic.
  5. Shea Salinas: Ignore the fact that he was a fan favorite here, his speed, athleticism and skill on the chalk lines gave the Union a different type of weapon that anyone else coming off of the bench. Unless Piotr Nowak and the Union draft or sign someone with a similar set of talents and skills then the Union will be noticeably slower on the wings late in games.
  6. Sebastien Le Toux on Twitter: Though already spoiled with the always tweeting Amobi Okugo (@amobisays), it’d be great to have Seba on Twitter. Already a fan favorite for his love for the fans, Le Toux would only be more loved and appreciated for sending out a couple of tweets here and there.
  7. No more Union games on the LiveWell network: To me the production value of LiveWell falls below that of any other channel that the Union appear on for game broadcasts. On top of that it’s a rather random channel on a tier I cannot name. The elimination of LiveWell broadcasts would provide higher production value, more credibility to the Union’s television broadcasts and give fans outside of the Philadelphia area the ability to watch the games.
  8. Playoffs: Ignore Jim Mora. I want the playoffs. Now don’t mark this down as my expectations for the Union in 2011 but I want a playoff game at PPL Park. I have never had the opportunity or pleasure of attending a Philadelphia sports franchise’s playoff game and the Union would provide me with my first chance to go to one.
Have any “gifts” you’d like to have opened up today for the 2011 season?

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