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Tuesday Morning Union Freekicks: Questions About Drudging, YSA And This Team



The Sons of Ben get Drudged | The Goalkeeper | 04/25/2011
A photo of the Sons of Ben celebrating Carlos Ruiz's goal in the Union's home opener against Vancouver is being featured on the Drudge Report today.

I’m all YSA’ed Out « Union City Blue
Enough already with “You Suck, Asshole” – I really don’t care that much either way. The only thing that really bothers me is the lack of a game this weekend. I’m not offended by the chant as I barely consider “asshole” an expletive. I was surprised to learn that people were actually really bothered by it. The chant is funny the first couple of times you hear it, then it becomes old really fast. Like many others, I do find it derivative, unoriginal and fairly stupid. The Sons of Ben can do better.

Do We Know Who This Union Team Is? « Unholy Union – The fan blog for Phi. Union

I’ve not been writing as frequently as I had been during last season. The reason is that for the first month of the season, we don’t necessarily know what this season’s edition of the Union is. Last season’s group was creative, if not flawed, in attack, and unstable and fatally flawed in defense. Dan K. and I started this blog part-way through the season, so when we started writing, we already had an idea of what that team was and was not. I’m wondering if now, 5 games into the season, is that enough of a sample to form my idea of the identity of the 2011 Philadelphia Union?

Video: Interview with MLS president Mark Abbott | The Goalkeeper | 04/24/2011
The Inquirer's Marc Narducci got an exclusive interview with Major League Soccer president Mark Abbott last week.

Union Not Worried About Struggling Offense | Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union aren't concerned about their offense.Yes, they've only scored four goals in five league matches.  And yes, they are keenly… 

Union Continue to Strengthen Ties with Youth Soccer Community | Philadelphia Union
The Philadelphia Union are proud to announce that 50 area clubs are now taking part in the club's youth soccer partnership program for the 2011 s…

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