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The 2022 World Cup And Philadelphia



Around 10 am Eastern Standard Time the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) will release how its voting resulted in regard to the 2022 World Cup. Since the 1994 World Cup in America soccer fans here in the 'States have waited for a return of the event to American borders. That '94 World Cup so happens to have been the most lucrative World Cup ever for FIFA, as it raked in the most ticket sales and overall revenue of any World Cup prior to it.

Now the United States has a chance to bring the World Cup back 28 years after it first debuted here. Grand posturing is the lead up to the final vote which is currently in the process of finishing. The USA sent former President Bill Clinton and G-d (Morgan Freeman) as part of its World Cup bidding presentation team. Prince William pleaded England's case for the 2018 World Cup at the last minute prior to today's voting.

FIFA allows the sham to continue because it brings media attention to soccer and FIFA itself. Despite corruption within the World Cup committee and the sham of the "presentations" (more like begging and groveling" there will always be great interest in the voting results of the FIFA committees. Rigging the vote is something that is an accusation nearly every cycle but upon the culmination of the next World Cup fans either don't care or where too enthralled by the World Cup to bother with them any more.

Where does Philadelphia come into play amongst all the corruption, shams and voting? Philly was the top American city in online voting through the Go USA Bid. While that does not gaurantee Philadelphia's ability to host part of the World Cup it does give it a distinct advantage over other cities. It showed that the citizens of Philadelphia are not only willing to host part of the World Cup but that they also want it enough to come out voting strong enough to make Philly America's leading host city.

So in the next 10 minutes cross your fingers because in 12 years Philadelphia may be one of America's World Cup host cities if the World Cup returns to the country of Red, White and Blue.

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