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Wednesday Morning Union Freekicks: Guess What Rhymes With Snow!



Go figure — the Union's jersey sponsor announcement has generated quite a bit of buzz. But you know what they say: all publicity is good publicity! …Unless it leads to people not wanting to buy your merchandise. Then it's probably a bad thing. Your open discussion thread for all things Union and baked goods.

Phila. Union is now officially team Bimbo [Jeff Gammage, Philadelphia Inquirer] – Includes quotes from the Sons of Ben's Bryan James.

Union sign Bimbo to jersey endorsement deal [Shai Ben-Yaacov, WHYY's] – "Since moving its American headquarters from Texas to Horsham, it's launched a billboard campaign along I-95, with ads reading "Say Beembo."."

Is the Union's new sponsorship sexist? [Amanda Rykoff, espnW] – Read the comments on this post. Might make you feel a bit better.

Report: Edson Buddle Set To Leave Major League Soccer, Sign With Inglostadt [Richard Farley, Soccer] – Inglostadt sits second from the bottom of the German second league table. Not good at all for MLS, who really needs to keep its current stars in addition to bringing in outside talent.

Rooney tries to escape brother's shadow [Steven Wine, Associated Press via] – Good luck with that.

The Best Player on Earth Is Looking for a Job [Rob Hughes, New York Times] – The women's professional game continues to flounder…

Haitian amputees find new outlet in soccer [Julia Galiano-Rios, Associated Press via] – What a great story given the situation in Haiti. A must read.

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