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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 – Toronto FC 3

Poetry Corner Kicks recaps the game and the season.



It’s the end of the road folks. A regular season that slowly faded into nothingness ended in much the same way. One could be tempted to despair, but when taking the long view, despair doesn’t seem appropriate. If I was told at the beginning of the year that by the end of the season we would have three rookies contributing meaningful minutes- one of whom would be competing for rookie of the year, Alejandro Bedoya would be on the team, Chris Pontius would have 12 goals, and we would make it to the playoffs but lose in the first round, I would have taken it in a heartbeat.

Think back to where the Philadelphia Union came from. Yes they faded dramatically down the stretch. But first of all, they made the playoff. Secondly, they made the playoffs. And thirdly, they made the playoffs. Poetry Corner Kicks is sad that this season is over and sad to see a player like Tranquillo Barnetta leave. But I am eagerly awaiting the moves by Earnie Stewart and Jim Curtin this offseason. It should be an exciting time and I look forward to next season already.

Philly in the playoffs
It had been quite a while
And though the Reds destroyed’em
Still I sit and smile

The season started well
With rookies starting strong
And points were fin’lly coming
As Philly rolled along

CJ, Ponty, Alberg
All were scoring goals
Our D, though young, played well
And Jim at the controls

The wheels were coming off
After break for Copa games
And Philly started changing
With newly added names

Losing ‘Toux was shocking
The same for Vincent N.
But other names were coming
And soon we worked them in

In came Charlie Davies
And also in: Bedoya
Sir Ale brought some clout
To his brand new employa

Alas they started losing
And points per game was dropping
We just weren’t getting points
From our mid-summer shopping

But points were banked in store
We would have just enough
To make it to the playoffs
And show our Philly stuff

‘Twas not to be the case
And TFC would win
But Philly’s looking good
As offseason begins

Sure we need some players
On defense and to score
But Mister Earnie Stewart
Surely can do more

Confidence is rising
Despite the season’s end
Let’s build on what was started
So that we can contend

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