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The Philadelphia Eagles As Members Of The Philadelphia Union [PART 2]



In lieu of the news that Chad Ochocinco is trying out for Sporting Kansas City, yesterday morning I looked at members of the Philadelphia Eagles as soccer players and what attributes they have that might translate onto a soccer field. Now I will look at a possible tactical formation they might use if these Eagles were in fact soccer players.

Formation:  4-1-2-1-2

Goalkeeper: Sav Rocca

Sav Rocca is perfect for a goalkeeper, and while these posts are mainly for fun, I do think he could actually do a respectable job in the role if he ever were to be called upon.  Rocca has a very powerful leg that would be useful in kicking the ball deep after making a save, and has a punter, he is forced to catch balls from the long-snapper, not all of which are right on a line. 

Back line (in order from left back to central defenders to right back): Asante Samuel, Jamar Chaney, Quintin Mikell, LeSean McCoy

I will not bother re-iterating each player's attributes again, but Asante Samuel and LeSean McCoy can provide speed and elusiveness on the flanks and Jamar Chaney and Quintin Mikell can anchor the center of the defense with their tackling and leadership. 

Midfield: Keenan Clayton as a bottom mid-fielder, Trent Cole as an attacking mid-fielder, Michael Vick on the left side of the midfield, and DeSean Jackson on the right.

I mentioned yesterday that Keenan Clayton has an ability as a linebacker to drop back and play safety.  Well here he is a midfielder playing near the defense, a role that could translate to a linebacker playing very close to the secondary.  Or something like that.

100 pounds aside, Trent Cole does bare sort of a resemblance to Didier Drogba.  Both have a similar height, and both are big, powerful men who have surprising quickness, and both combine the two to get past their opposition.  In Drogba's case, defenders, in Trent Cole's case, huge offensive linemen. 

Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson can use their uncanny speed to move the ball up the wing and to generate attacks.

Forwards: David Akers and Jeremy Maclin

TBG commenter MikeytheK posted this video from a couple years ago that I had not known existed before and it is awesome.  In short, David Akers kicks field goals and penalty shots with members of the USMNT.  Why Akers?  Because "17 years ago," he used to play soccer.  And he looked pretty good kicking the ball as well, if I must say so myself.  So not only is he perfect for the role as a field goal kicker, he actually looks like he might be able to play the role of a striker up top with an ability to finish.  Jeremy Maclin can be partnered with him and while he does not have the soccer experience Akers has, he can certainly finish.

Okay, now who's ready for the 2011 Philadelphia Union season to commence?

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