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Week 19 Philadelphia Union MVP

In a 5-1 loss, were there any performances that stood out above the rest (in a good way)?



In this weekly column, I poll the staff here at Brotherly Game and ask who the Philadelphia Union’s weekly MVP should be and why. At the wrong end of a 5-1 thrashing, did anyone stand out for the Union? Let’s see what the staff had to say:

Matt Reppert: The final whistle for stopping that atrocity.

John Rossi: Chris Pontius, because he scored.

Alex Klein: Nobody.

Barry Evans: Fabinho, because he managed to stay off the field and escape from criticism.

Jared Young: Did anyone play 210 minutes in 4 days? I'd lean towards anyone who did that and wasn't atrocious.

I can’t argue with these. I try and look for the positives, however there were few – if any – during Saturday’s match. And when looking back on the performances that won past MVP awards I’m left with no choice.

Congratulations to no one for being the Brotherly Game Week 19 MVP.

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