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Where in the world is Maurice Edu?

I know he’s somewhere around here…



Every week as of late I’ve been given a list of players joining Bethlehem Steel FC from the first team. Ever since August when Jim Curtin mentioned that Maurice Edu would be getting a game or two there before making his re-debut of sorts for the Union, I’ve been all about reading that list. This week the list read: Taylor Washington, Eric Ayuk, Derrick Jones, Cole Missimo and Anderson. It also mentions that Cory Burke and Seku Conneh are unavailable due to international duty with Jamaica and Liberia, but those aren’t too important for this article. What is important is that Maurice Edu’s name isn’t on the list. Meaning as of now* he still won’t be ready.

So, where is he? Well, here’s what we know. Mo’s been slowly, ever so slowly rehabbing after a litany of injuries that have been written about ad infinitum. Generally this would be a bit ridiculous if it was any other situation. One of the marquee signings is going to be out until September and even then he’s going to be basically designated for assignment to get his match-day form back? In a predominantly developmental league? No thank you. This isn’t a normal situation though. Mo has rushed back from a few injuries for this club. Most notably the Open Cup final last year against Sporting Kansas City. This time around the approach is right, make sure he’s almost too ready to go, then give him some time in USL and then let him loose for the last month and a half next to Alejandro Bedoya. Union Insider Marisa Pilla even tweeted on the first of September that he was taking his strength test, a few hours later, she tweeted that there wasn’t anything official on it.

Is it weird that they’re being so coy about the whereabouts of the Captain of the Philadelphia Union? Yeah, but I’ve had crazier things happen to me at a Bethlehem Steel FC game.

All of that to say, we’re not really sure. What we do know is that he’s close enough to being back that this article isn’t hilariously outlandish, and that’s a good thing.

*Disclosure: We’ve reached out to both Bethlehem Steel FC and the Philadelphia Union (yes, that’s different people, in case you’re wondering) for comment and haven’t heard back as of time of publishing.

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