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‘Stache Bash Update: What The Shirts Look Like, Other News



[If you haven't followed along with the progression of the 'Stache Bash you can catch up by reading the first two Brotherly Game articles on it here and here.]

Bark Tees has updated its site with the full design of the 'Stache Bash shirt. Below I'll breakdown the shirt and then talk more about some things that are happening with the 'Stache Bash


The incredibly popular 'stache infused Benjamin Franklin remains on the front but has 'Stache Bash added to the bottom left of Franklin's right cheek. 

After the jump, the back of the shirt and more on 'Stach Bash happenings.

The back of the shirt features the charity all the proceeds benefit, Help Kick Hunger, and the sponsors of the event.


It's really special to see this blog's name on any shirt for the first time, but especially so on a shirt that benefits charity. I'm proud to have the Brotherly Game's name on this shirt.

Here's what the two sides of the shirt look like next to one another:


All of those people who pre-ordered for a 'Stache Bash shirt prior to this Monday should have their shirts on the way as of right now. Sales continue on the shirts and the first batch of them has been printed.

In other news, 'Stache Bash may be getting some attention from the Philadelphia Union. Stay tuned on that.

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