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Roger Torres Tweets That A Michael Is Gone From The Union



Jonathan Tannenwald once again provided a gem through some sleuthing, this time picking up on two tweets that Philadelphia Union midfielder Roger Torres sent out early today.

Torres sent out the following tweets (translations provided), saved from deletion by Tannenwald on his @thegoalkeeper blog Twitter account:

The first tweet says: "It is sad what happened to our teammate Michael." Second tweet reads: "I hope God blesses him always and brings him to a very good team because he deserves it."

After the jump, what could it mean?

There are only two players with the first name of Michael on the team: Second year, on-loan center back Michael Orozco-Fiscal and 2011 MLS SuperDraft second round pick Michael Farfan, a midfielder. Considering how much the team has hinted towards wanting to bring Orozco-Fiscal in on a permanent deal, it seems likely that Farfan has left the team. If that is true, it places his twin brother in an awkward place, as the striker of the two has been on trial with the Union since January and remains on the team per reports from Union fans who saw the team play in Florida. It appears that the Michael is Orozco-Fiscal, based upon the facts of the situation. Farfan actually signed a deal with MLS before the SuperDraft.

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