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The Sons of Ben ‘Stache Bash Phase Two: ‘Stachegate



[To find out more about the shirts and the origin of the 'stache bash, read the first article to appear on the Brotherly Game here.]

The moment is now upon us… the official launch of Sons of Ben 'Stache Bash

Phase Two: 'Stachegate

Along with tee shirt sales to Help Kick Hunger, the Sons of Ben will have the 'Stache Bash Carvinal at the Sons of Ben Home Opener Tailgate Party, March 26th and PPL Park in Chester, PA. The brainchild of SoB members Sara Shepherd, and Chrissy & Mark Sakers, 'Stachegate will feature the following carnival events:

  • Mustache Rides: A kissing booth featuring the lovely Chrissy Sakers, wearing a fake ‘stache, and the strapping Mark Sakers in ‘stache au naturel.
  • Pin The ‘Stache On The Jer: A pin the tail on the donkey game (begin the ‘Jeremy is an ass’ jokes and chants now).
  • Guess The Number Of ‘Staches In The Jar: The classic carnival game, updated for ‘stache bash.
  • ‘Stache Painting With Andy Sherlock: Can’t grow a ‘stache, we’ve got you covered. Andy Sherlock, master mustache artist, will be there to paint a ‘stache.

More about the event and how you can help charity after the jump.

How will this benefit Help Kick Hunger?

The 'Stache Bash Crew will be selling tickets ($1 per ticket $20 for 25 tickets). Each 'Stachegate activity will have a ticket price (TBD). All proceeds will go to Help Kick Hunger.

We are currently working on prizes and an auction. As more details become available, this site will be the first to bring it to you.

Where is my normal Sons Of Ben Tailgate?

Fear not. The 'normal' Sons of Ben tailgate, featuring food made by Chef Jim, music by Travis, and beverages will still be in full swing. We will just be adding 'stache to the atmosphere. As we all know, mustaches make everything better.

What can I do to help? 

I have gotten this question in emails, DMs, and texts. This is easy, gentlemen, grow your 'stache. There is no such thing as an ugly 'stache. Ladies, wear a fake 'stache for a day. When someone asks why, tell them you support the Sons of Ben 'Stache Bash to Help Kick Hunger. Ask them to buy a shirt, tell them to stop by 'Stachegate on March 26th. As Sons of Ben member Brody "McLovin" says, 'We MUSTache.'

What is this whole thing about ‘stache bash shirts?

The Sons of Ben, proud supporters of the Philadelphia Union, have teamed up with the Brotherly Game and BarkTees to launch the Sons of Ben ‘Stache Bash tee shirt. The Sons of Ben are once again raising money for Help Kick Hunger to benefit the Bernardine Center in Chester, PA.

The shirt, featuring Philadelphia's finest citizen, Ben Franklin, sporting a handlebar mustache, on a blue background has created a groundswell movement within the Philadelphia soccer community. BarkTees has been gracious enough to donate $8.50 per shirt sale to Help Kick Hunger. Be a part of the 'Stache Bash by ordering order your shirt here

Fellow Union supporters, Section 133, The Illegitimates, have joined in 'Stache Bash to Help Kick Hunger. All Section 133 tee shirts sold on BarkTees will donate $2 of profit to the charity.

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