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The Bearfight Brigade Adds Own Unique Flair to Miles for MJ Charity Tailgate Event



On September 10, 2011, before the Union’s home match against the Portland Timbers, supporters group The Illegitimates will be hosting a charity tailgate to benefit Miles For MJ. The “Bearfight Brigade”, a group of Union supporters that consists of Sons of Ben, Illegitimates, and other groups, is setting up several events to take place during the Miles for MJ tailgate.


During the first event, they will make an (unofficial) attempt to undertake the “World’s Largest Bearfight”. This may be the most simple of the events planned by the Bearfight Brigade, and the name says it all: it’s going to be a really big bearfight. Bearfight participants must be at least 21 years of age and must be signed up for the Miles for MJ tailgate, or they can make a donation in the Bearfight Brigade bucket (minimum $10) that will be donated to Miles for MJ. And, most importantly, participants must bring a donation from the bearfight supplies list. Once everyone has registered, we shall bearfight for charity! The winner of the world’s largest bearfight will be given an opportunity to battle the Bearfight Champion at the September 17th tailgate, the day the Union host the Columbus Crew.

Be a part of the worlds largest bearfight!


Second, the current “Bearfight Title” will be on the line at the Miles for MJ event. The current Bearfight champion (TBD from a 3-way championship dance on August 28) will take on the #1 contender (TBD from the Bearfight undercard battle on August 28). The last two championship battles have been epic, and we expect the same from the battle on August 28, the same day the Union host the New England Revolution. With Mark ‘Bolton’ Dunfee hungry to regain his title, and Travis Rego taking an up and comer under his ginger wing over the last few weeks, we could be heading for a major collision on September 10th as part of the Miles for MJ festivities.

Please take note, if you win the "World's Largest Bearfight", and then the championship at the following match on the 17th, you must be available the defend the belt on September 29th as well or your championship will be vacated. 


And now, the event announcement we have all been waiting for: the Bearfight Brigade Supporter Groups Team Relay Challenge. If they have not received a notice already, challenges will be issued to the Sons of Ben, the Corner Creeps, the Illegitimates, the Tammany Saints, and the Bridge Crew to take part in a battle for supporter group bearfight supremacy. The event is simple: each team has four members, and there will be 2 tables, with each team having 2 members per table. Each team must provide "bearfight officials".

At the start, the first member will bearfight, sprint to the next table, and tag the next member of the team. Team member 2 will bearfight, sprint, and tag. This continues for all four members. The winning team will be the Bearfight Supporters Challenge Champion and win bragging rights. We will be running a betting pool (sponsor) before the challenge begins. Bet on your favorite team; all proceeds from the betting pool will be donated to Miles for MJ in the winning team's name.

Also, the Bearfight Brigade will be announcing their own team title tournament soon. The winning team from the Supporters challenge will be given an opportunity to face off against the winner of our team tournament at the New York Red Bulls away game to be declared the Bearfight Brigade Team Champions, a title they will hold through the entire offseason.

Miles for MJ is a great cause and the Brigade is proud that The Illegitimates have asked them to help out. As expected, the Brigade has found a way to add our own twisted perspective to this event. 

Please be aware, we hold no responsibility for how your body reacts to a bearfight. You have made a choice to walk this path. If you happen to vomit because of your bearfight, your picture will be taken and added to the Bearfight Brigade Wall of Shame (coming soon). 

Illegitimates, Tammany Saints, Corner Creeps, and Sons of Ben, get your best 4 together. Get your supplies ready. Champion and challengers, keep up with your training. The SoB Bearfight Brigade challenge has been issued.

If you have any questions about any of the listed events, contact Jeremy Sharpe ( or Justin Lee (

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