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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 – Impact 1

Poetry Corner Kicks returns for a lousy tie.



The Philadelphia Union dropped a couple of points at home against the visiting Montreal Impact. I take full responsibility for this tie. I had only been following the game from the updates on the MLS app. As soon as I switched to watching on MLS LIVE (once my kids were in bed), the very first thing I see is Montreal scoring the tying goal. Sorry Union fans. This one’s on me. I have a tendency to only watch losing or poor games. That goes with all of my sports teams. I am the curse.

At least the Union didn’t walk away with nothing. They did pick up a point and remain in fourth place in the East. A trip to the playoffs is still a strong possibility, even with the league’s hardest schedule to close out the season. may have to just stick with the updates from here on out. Let’s see how the U (mis)handled the visiting Impact…

Montreal was standing tall
Against the U of Philly
They scored one late in eighty-eight
To make the U look silly

It started well, as I could tell
With Impact missing chances
But so did C.J. who gave leeway
To Ciman’s advances

Blake was big in that night’s gig
As Impact’s O was tamed
They could not score which all the more
Kept Philly in the game

Then ‘fore the half the Union’s staff
Would raise their hands to cheer
As Barny scored, the fans were floored
And some would spill their beer

Forth and back the second half
Seemed to be more the same
Blake’s a wall, our offense stalled
But all would feel the shame

For at the close the Union chose
To cruise until the win
They let Mancosu get to close to
Goal and head it in

The air was lifted out and shifted
Joy to mixed emotions
To share a point sure disappoints
And led to fan commotion

No time to dwell we are compelled
To train and look ahead
We should have won, but let’s move on
And put this game to bed

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