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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 1 – TFC 1

Poetry Corner Kicks looks at the positives.



The Philadelphia Union earned a tough point on the road against Toronto FC. Given the circumstances, it’s a result that I’ll take. I’m sure the Union are glad to hear that. That said, there wasn’t a lot to write home about here other than a superb goal by Alejandro Bedoya. There was of course another goal for TFC that tied the game and some controversy surrounding some non-calls by the referee du-jour. But let’s focus on the positives, namely that scrumptious goal from Bedoya. In honor of that goal, let’s do a sonnet to sing its praises…

Barnetta couldn’t play for lack of health
So in was slotted Ale at the ten
He showed attacking verve and sneaky stealth
When he was called to lead the Philly men
So TFC and Philly tied at naught
And both were searching for the starting goal
Then Ale took the reins and chipped a shot
And Philly put the home team in a hole
To see it all again in slower motion
The pass from Fabby Herb superbly tamed
Bedoya found a space to cause commotion
His shot could not have been more rightly aimed
With one more road game on the Philly slate
At least a point from Red Bull would be great

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