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Marek Mintal, Nuremberg FC And Germany: From The Eyes And Ears Of Someone There



During the Marek Mintal-to-the-Philadelphia-Union speculation, Jonathan Tannenwald (, The Goalkeeper) and I conversed with a FC Nuremburg supporter over Twitter, @oliisoaho. Michael agreed to an email conversation about Mintal and Nuremburg (big thanks to him). Here’s my attempt at a translation from German:

What is Marek Mintal like as a player? His form seems to fluctuate much as 1. FC Nürnberg (Nuremburg) has between 2. Bundesliga and Bundesliga. At 33-years old, is Mintal over the hill at this point? Two years ago he seemed to be on a decline and this year he has yet to prove he can still score against the top German competition.

I think Marek Mintal Philadelphia would have helped. He is certainly no longer the fastest player and his speed was always his strength, and giving him the nickname "The Phantom". A few injuries has caused him not to play often. He is certainly not the type of player, the "Joker,"  to be thrown quickly into the game and immediately make goals.

But he has his abilities and I think a club that can play him would have benefited from his experience, his understanding of the game and his ball skills. For the fans he has always been a hero; top scorer 3 times (one time first division, two times second division) and his personality that even now keeps him popular in Nuremberg. What I know is that he is very much appreciated, but for to be important you have to play. He is currently not satisfied with his situation on the team, but is sociable being and connected to the area, which is maybe why he did not make the switch. 

Are followers of Nuremberg now informed about the Philadelphia Union because of all the Mintal transfer rumors? Should Union fans expect to hear about new fans in Germany? Can you describe what it's like with American sports in Germany?

I'm football fan and follow the MLS, but rather periphery. That is likely to be the same for most fans in Germany. The country has a league of its own and also the leagues in Spain, Italy, England absorbing interest. Many don't but I also like basketball and (American) Football. Therefore they are less likely to deal more deeply with the Union. At least for me, I'm a Philadelphia Union fan because now you have Mondragon and your coach, Piotr Nowak, was very popular in the '90s at 1860 Munich. There are still people that will not be fans but these things make it interesting to a German fan.

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