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Poetry Corner Kicks: Union 0 – Orlando City 2

Poetry Corner Kicks is groaning with the fans.



This was hugely disappointing, but in the end the Philadelphia Union are still very much alive for the last playoff spot. A strong early season affords them this luxury, but the fact is the Union do not look very much like a playoff team right now. We know that they CAN play with anyone, the trick now is actually doing it again. Orlando City came to the Union’s house already eliminated from playoff contention and took it to the hosts in the second half. A few unfortunate bounces and lack of firepower from the Union and things ended on a sour note.

Against Orlando Philly played
But all the home fans felt betrayed
For though the Union tried to clinch
Alas Orlando made them flinch

Herbers tried to score for Philly
He caught a pass from ol’ Tranquilly
He set himself for scoring glory
But skied his shot and it turned gory

The U’s defense would later try
To leave their goalie high and dry
Our own defender’s grand mistake
Went off the post and back to Blake

Tied at aughts there at the half
The U had yet to make their gaffes
Then there in minute fifty-nine
The U went down on the scoreline

Rivas’ shot rolled on past Blake
And Keegan raced with much at stake
But at the end the ball went in
Much to Keegan R.’s chagrin

Andre made some saves stupendous
But Philly’s play was still horrendous
They couldn’t get one past the line
Which made the home fans start to whine

To close the game: another goal
This put Purple in control
Another loss for faithful fans
But playoffs are still in our hands

A strong start got the U this far
They’ll prob’ly end up ‘bove the bar
But first round action ‘gainst the Reds
Might put playoff hopes to bed

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