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Hello, Sports Fans! Is This Mic Still On?



It's been a while since something last went up here on The Brotherly Game.  Consider this filler to restart ourselves after a rather boring and Unionless last (almost) week.

After the jump, various things…

Union lost to the San Jose Earthquakes

You might be wondering what happened to the post game recap.  Well, life happened.  A combination of college, Yom Kippur and fraternity based busyness has led to this story.  Here's the ultra late recap:

“I think San Jose’s strategy is to put everyone to sleep with the dullest soccer ever. When a goalie starts to dick around wasting time with the ball at the 70th minute you are not trying to play soccer.”

Kyle Shank, Managing Editor of The Brotherly Game


The Union slothed their way to a 1-0 loss against the San Jose earthquakes. No, rather the Earthquakes bored their way to a 1-0 win. The Union can be faulted for a disparaging return to early season-like play that resulted in the loss. But, for the most part, the Earthquakes must be called out for playing truly anti-football. Wednesday;s game was 85 plus minutes of pure boredom, facilitated by the displeasing nature of the Earthquakes’ play. The only redeeming period came at the end of the game after Piotr Nowak sent young Jack McInerney into the fray. Even with McInerney’s introduction, there was little to be liked by a supporter or spectator for this game. while teams will on occasion find themselves under attack for their play during a competition in the European champions league as anti-football – most notably during highly physical affairs between a “top” team and a team from a “lesser” league – there’s no rhyme or reason for why Major League Soccer team should be playing any sort of anti-football. Trying to play for a tie or trying to frustrate almost solely behind the ball or solely non-attacking football. Frustration should have set in throughout the Union supporters because of the Earthquakes’ style of play. It is no fun to watch one team try to play the game to win, only to be forced to pander to a team doing the exact opposite.

Sebastian Le Toux is really, really good

For this section I'm just going to lay down the statistics and let you, the reader, bask in the amazing nature of this situation: the Union currently have the MLS' best and most electrifying player. 

22 Games Played, 22 Games Started, 1,980 Minutes Played

11 Goals, 3 Game Winning Goals

10 Assists

76 Shots, 41 Shots On Goal

21 Offsides

3 Penalty Kick Attempts, 3 Penalty Kick Goals

9 Fouls Committed, 26 Fouls Suffered

0 Yellow Cards, 0 Red Cards

A Union-less weekend is a weird weekend

It was an odd feeling having no Union to watch this past weekend.  It left watching the Eagles and Phillies, both of which I'm used to watching from year-to-year.  This led me to realize that I spend a large amount of time reading about, writing about and watching the Union – and I love it.

Column?  Yes, it'll happen

In an effort to not only have more content but also force myself to write more consistently, I'll be writing weekly columns.  Any feedback on a name for it would be great.

Fan content greatly appreciated

While we here at The Brotherly Game love the comments that are left on our stories and game threads, it would be lovely to to have more fan content being generated, especially in the form of fanposts.  No matter how small or large your knowledge of the Union is, your voice is unique and should be heard.  Everyone has great ideas.

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