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Preview: Philadelphia Union Media Community LIVE Chat



The Brotherly Game will be hosting a live chat amongst the Philadelphia Union media community tomorrow at 12 pm (noon). Cover-It-Live will be used as the chat method. You may have seen it used on The Goalkeeper; it allows authorized writers to show up as "bolded" and gives us the ability to moderate user created messages and questions. It is a wonderful way to include the fans (you, the readers) in our chat.

Everyone involved will have the opportunity to have a turn at each topic, get a little bit of banter going and then we will open up the floor to the readers at the end or at the end of the topic. I'll be moderating the chat to facilitate the flow of it. I may interject every now and then.

Participating media include: Dave Zeitlin ( and, Kerith Gabriel (Philadelphia Daily News), Chris Vito (Delaware County Times and the Brotherly Game), Jonathan Tannenwald (, Philly Soccer Page, the Brotherly Game (of course), Philly Soccer News, ASN Philly, Union City Blue, writers and Philly Union Talk. Though not participating directly, the 700 Level will be a part of the chat as well.

If you're new to the site, please don't hesitate to sign up for SB Nation and join the Brotherly Game. 

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