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The Whole Story: Nine Arrested At Union Game After Bottle Thrower Fights Fans, Security And Police



A bottle was flung and a mess began. 

It was a such a spectacle that it took Faryd Mondragon's attention away from the game.

From across the stadium it appeared that the people of section 134 were a river, almost exited the stadium in unison to escape the situation that had befallen them. One man had ruined the game for hundreds because of his inability to not only hold his liquor, but also his inability to retain his civility at an event he paid money to attend.

"The idiots who started this ridiculous fight are sitting in jail now because they couldn't control themselves," Matt Ansbro, President of the Sons of Ben, said on "Unfortunately, two members from 134 who were assaulted by these two were taken with them. We're hopeful they're cleared and released quickly (if they haven't been already)."

"We do not believe the thugs who charged into 134 are members of SoB (although one did have a SoB jersey on) but were in someone's seats. Those seats have been identified and we will be taking appropriate action."

Sanna Nyassi indirectly started the fight. The Colorado Rapids striker taunted the River End after his first half goal, which apparently was more than enough reasoning for two people with rather poor judgement to throw beer bottles onto the field.

The bottle thrower on the right side of the River End, in section 135, would eventually end up in cuffs, but not before he bull rushed his way into section 134, home of the Corner Creeps.

People within section 134 had made sure that security knew who the bottle thrower was, properly self-policing the section as the team and the Sons of Ben have asked fans to do at games. Taking offense to being outed as the violator of the Union, and Sons of Ben, Terms of Service and stadium rules, the large man took off for section 134. Some of his equally rowdy friends followed.

Making his way over ignited the fisticuffs that were captured on tape. Despite police and security responding to the scene, the man managed to throw a fair share of punches and drag both fans, police and security down four rows of seats.

Many in the section had decided to jump to safety, hoping that a four row leap would get them away from the onslaught of violence.

At the end of it all, 12 fans were arrested and removed from PPL Park. The police and security kept four rows of section 134 open for the rest of the game to prevent any possible relapses. 

The Sons of Ben were quick to defend the Corner Creeps' actions in the matter.

"The Creeps did the right thing, policed their area like we know we need to do, and defended themselves after they were attacked," said Ansbro.

StubHub! ticket buyers have been blamed for the situation, and have been in the past for other events as well. The Sons of Ben have said that they petitioned the team for the last two years to ask StubHub! to not list River End seats. So far the Union have been unable to change the ticket seller's listing policies.

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