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Dissecting Alejandro Bedoya’s DVD collection

The Union captain took to his Twitter for advice on the best way to donate his old DVDs



Alejandro Bedoya has been an amazing captain for the Philadelphia Union, but in many ways, he’s a normal person just like the rest of us. Case in point, the moment last week when Bedoya took to his twitter to ask if anyone could give him advice on how to get rid of some of his old DVDs.

As a Union fan, and a person who also struggles with having way too many DVDs, I couldn’t resist reviewing Bedoya’s collection to see if I could glean some insights from the DVDs he has acquired over the years.

Biggest observations

Alejandro Bedoya is less than a year older than me, so we experienced the same timeline when it came to purchasing movies on physical media. After a childhood of movies on VHS that wore out and needed rewinding, DVDs were a game changer. They never needed rewinding, you could play them in your PS2, and after they were released for a while, they became pretty cheap.

So we made the same decision and picked up plenty of comedies once DVDs became common and affordable. Bedoya has Dodgeball, Wedding Crashers, Superbad, and pretty much every Will Ferrell comedy since Old School.

The most significant omission is The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Based on the rest of the movies he had, I would have bet money that he would also have the 2005 Steve Carell hit.

2. Bedoya also likes a little romance

Just like how he’s not one dimensional on the pitch, Bedoya liked to mix things up with the movie genres he selected. Hence why he picked up many of the classic 2000s romances to go along with all of his comedies.

It’s easy to spot Love Actually, Made of Honor, and 27 Dresses. He also seems to like romantic leads Hugh Grant (About a Boy, Bridget Jones) as well as Dane Cook (My Best Friend’s Girl, Good Luck Chuck, Employee of the Month).

Based on the number of these movies that he acquired, I’m willing to guess that Bedoya is the type of person who comes home after a rough practice, pops in 50 First Dates, and just relaxes.

3. Bedoya wasn’t a big action guy

It appears that Bedoya mostly got out of the DVD game prior to when the superhero genre took over all of the major blockbusters. He doesn’t have a single Marvel movie and few of the DVDs in the box would be considered action movies.

The main exceptions appear to be Speed, Troy, and Minority Report. He also has the box set of all three Ocean’s 11 movies, so you could lump those in as well.

He also made his one and only foray into buying blu-rays when he purchased Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End.

4. Bedoya didn’t pick up many soccer movies

Even though he’s a professional soccer player, Bedoya’s DVD collection is short on the classic soccer movies throughout the years. I see no Victory, no Bend in like Beckham, and, perhaps most egregiously, no Air Bud: World Pup.

But that doesn’t mean he skipped them entirely. It’s possible to spot The Damned United in the collection along with the 2007 Iranian film Offside. So he still picked up a few soccer movies, but he stuck with the deep cuts.

5. Bedoya wasn’t into TV on DVD

Despite putting together an impressive DVD collection, Bedoya didn’t seem to get into buying seasons of TV on DVD. The only exceptions he made were for the second season of The Office and the first season of Entourage. Two very different types of humor.

Wild and Baseless Speculation

1. Bedoya’s go-to karaoke choice is Whitney Houston

The oldest movie that Bedoya owns on DVD is the 1987 Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner classic. Why go with that one in particular? Well it must be because he’s no stranger to belting out some Whitney in the shower or when he’s doing some karaoke with the boys.

2. Bedoya kept most of the movies he bought in Europe

There’s a handful of movies in the collection with visible non-MPAA rating showing, so it’s easy to assume those were bought when he was abroad. The movies showing are the dramas Blue Valentine and Remember Me, along with the 2010 comedy Vampires Suck. It seems unlikely that he’d only pick up three movies when he spent about seven years in Europe. What other movies did he pick up while he was over there?

3. Bedoya is big on streaming now

As Bedoya himself pointed out, most of these movies are from his college years. But he has been back in the USA since 2016 and it looks like he hasn’t expanded his collection much, if at all. Of course, that makes a lot of sense. 2017 Alejandro Bedoya has very different needs (and movie watching companions) compared to to 2007 Alejandro Bedoya. Like many of us, he appears to have spent his time back in the USA shifting from physical media to digital and streaming.

4. There’s more DVDs that Bedoya isn’t ready to get rid of yet

All of this speculation is based entirely on the DVDs that Bedoya elected to get rid of to save space. Which begs the question, are there even more DVDs that he’s still hanging on to?

Maybe he actually is a big action guy and he’s just keeping those DVDs. Or maybe he’s hanging on to a huge collection of horror movies (there’s none in the box he’s getting rid of). Which ones is he keeping and why?

Of course, the most likely answer is that he’s still hanging onto at least a few movies to share with his family. So there’s probably some animated classics that he’s hanging on to along with some comedies that are more PG than the ones that he’s getting rid of.

So that must be where his copy of Air Bud: World Pup is.

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